It’s a special edition of “Mondays with Megan” on a Tuesday! This week’s featured photographer is the incredibly talented Erin Hensley Photography. Currently based in Abu Dhabi,UAE, her passion for photography shines so brightly through every picture and I just love the way she captures moments – like we’re getting a sneak peek into something… Read more »


So many wonderful “Out in Public” images this week. Special thanks to our awesome guest judge Sonja Hardy of Bobo + Peep Photography. She had some hard decisions to make. Here we go! Congratulations to Rebecca Healy Photography on winning the “Out in Public” challenge! And the Top Ten in no particular order… Andrea Martin… Read more »


Happy Monday everyone! Today’s featured photographer, Sonja Hardy, comes from Winnepeg, Manitoba. She is the incredible photographer behind Bobo + Beep Photography and if you’ve seen her work, you can’t help but fall in love with it. Sonja’s work is bright, colorful and full of life and she has an incredible ability to capture moments… Read more »


Hey everyone! Sorry this post is a little late. Both Polina and I shot (separate) events today! But here they are – they winners of the “Peek Inside” photo challenge. We loved all the different interpretations on the theme – from a look inside ones’ self, to a peek inside a beautiful flower and a… Read more »


Another week of beautiful images! You guys bring it week after week and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support!! Thanks so much to the wonderful Angie Marie Photography for being our guest judge. Let’s get to it! Congratulations to Tammy Nicole Photography on winning the “Monochrome” challenge with this adorable, pouty-faced beauty…. Read more »


Sigh. Summer may be over but you guys shared some amazing “Travel” photos with us this week. I feel like I went on a dozen virtual vacations. This week. I, Megan, chose the winners. So here we go! Congratulations to Colleen Putman Photography on winning the “Travel” challenge with this colorful, fun and just amazing… Read more »


Many thanks to guest judge and featured photographer Mary Moua Photography! She had the very hard task of choosing the winners of the “Reflection” challenge. Congratulations to DaniPress Photography on winning the “Reflection” challenge with this stunning image! WOW! And the Top Ten in no particular order of awesomeness… Cheryl Myers Photography   Indira Klotzer… Read more »